basic wind speed fl 390x450If your house qualifies you can save from $250 a year to over $1,000 depending on the discount levels which is based on the construction of your home. The discount is good for 5 yrs.

We discount all Wind Mitigation reports if they are conducted at the time of the inspection. Many people have gotten "A FREE Home Inspection" because of the discounts.

Wind Mitigations Inspections:  
How can they help you as a buyer?
Wind Mitigation inspections can provide discounts on your buyers Home Owners Insurance. Some of these discounts can be sizable.

What is a Wind Mitigation report?

When you are looking to purchase a home you will more than likely choose Wind Storm Coverage for your house. Wind Storm Coverage can be quite
expense especially for a home that is built before 2002. After 2002 the builders had to build to a stricter level of construction which helped makethe home more impervious to high winds.


Insurance companies will provide discounts to the buyer if the home meets some of those building requirements. An inspection is needed of the
property to properly assess how the home is built. What are some of the things a wind mitigation inspection is looking for?

  • Style of the roof; Hip or gable
  • Age of the roof covering
  • Joist hold down devices
  • Wall construction
  • Opening protection

Four Point Inspections

A 4 point inspection is normally required when the home being purchased is over 30 years. Although some insurance underwriter require 20 years and some require a 4 points if it is 50 years and over the majority of underwriters are 30 years or older.

What does 4 Point mean?

  • The 4 point mean the inspector is checking to see if the house has been brought up to code so the insurance company can issue insurance. It covers the main 4 points of a home: The roof, plumbing, electrical & the HVAC system

What does this mean if I am purchasing a 30+ year old home?

  • Call your prospective insurance company and ask them if you will need a 4 point inspection.
  • If they say yes the house needs to pass before they can write the policy. In many cases you can not get your mortgage if you do not have a homeowners policy. The lack of having this inspection could hold up your closing.

Can't I just use the Home Inspection Report instead of a separate 4 Point Report?

  • In most cases the Insurance company will require a separate report

House 2 Home will discount the 4 Point Inspection if it is conducted with the Home Inspection. Two (2) separate reports will be issued. The Home Inspection report which goes to you and the 4 Point report which goes to the Insurance company.




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